The Tivoli Theatre

This legendary theatre stood at New Brighton for only 40 years but in that short space of time was host to many famous
acts from around the world.  When the theatre was opened in 1914 New Brighton was already renowned for
entertainment and as such the Tivoli Theatre had to fend off rivals such as the Tower Theatre and the Winter Gardens
Theatre.  To do this the company who ran the Tivoli hired Fred Ross who had previously been responsible for the success
of the Tower Theatre, and hoping to follow suit; they in turn hired him.  Ross helped bring many famous names to the
theatre over the following decade and the theatre was an outstanding success.  

The theatre closed in 1955 and remained derelict for some time before vandal managed to break in and cause a fire.  The
extent of the damaged was so great that the structure was deemed unsafe and it was demolished several days later.  
This goes to show that the destruction of the Woodside Hotel and Liscard Hall aren't a modern problem with society, its
been around for years; maybe now we are just hearing more about it through the expansion of media coverage.  
A Poster from the Theatre 1 Year before it Closed
Tivoli Theatre Poster 1954
Tivoli Theatre 1955
Tivoli Theatre 1928
Tivoli Theatre
Tivoli Theatre 1928