The New Brighton Fairground over the years had many fun filled activities and many amusement rides.  One of the most
famous names was Tommy Mann who provided much of the entertainment for the fair and most notably his Minature
Railway, which was always a huge success with the kids.  I believe there were two brothers in the family, Tommy and
Charlie, whom in addition to the fair; also helped run the boating lakes for a while.  In its hey day, New Brighton was
known as the Blackpool for Liverpool with thousands of visitors flocking to its shore in search of entertainment and
excitement.  Although the entertainment has dropped considerably the amusement arcades and similar fairs still
entertain a new generation of children.  The council are now set to redevelop the area and spend millions doing so, let
us only hope that this time they get things right, unlike so many of the other Wirral redevelopments.   
(and i wont even mention the money wasted on that terrible clown statue ... ok i just did sorry).
Tommy Mann & Family 1947
The Minature Railway
The Merry- go Rounds
The Fun Fair Hobby Horses
The Big Wheel
The Circus
Although not quite the wording we would use
today, the advert does show that New
Brighton was a huge tourist attraction despite
having dwindling visitors to the area when this
advert was produced in the 1960's..  

From the beginning in the 1870s New Brighton
lived up to its name in every way.  The beach
resort was much smaller scale compare to the
South but just as tall in stature. Every aspect
of entertainment could be found in the town
from Punch & Judy show, to the company of
"free woman" which was kept out of the lime

The fairground contained many amusing thrills
including Merry-go rounds, a Steam Railway, a
Big Top & Circus tent, Hobby Horses, Side
Shows, Clowns, Jugglers, Brass Bands, Dancing
and even a Big Wheel which gave panoramic
views across the area.