Rock Villa

High up on the hill overlooking the river is grand old house of Rock Villa, former home of New Brighton's most loved figure,
James Atherton.  The entrance to the old tunnel system known as 'the Yellow Noses' run into the back garden of this house.
 off a house named Rock Villa.  The caves are only accessible through a trap door in the garden which then descends down
into the darkness by means of ladder.  Once inside you can see that walls have been etched with a variety of dates and
initials of smugglers, explores and probably children.  The earliest date found on the walls within the tunnel  is 1619.  As
you proceed further down the tunnel the passage becomes more and more narrow, eventually leading to a large cave with
a high roof space.  Also in the cave is a small well which must have given great piece of mind to anyone liable to be hiding
inside for a lengthy period of time.  There are several passages leading off from the main tunnel but the entrance is
extremely tight and i believe even experienced cave explorers have been instructed not top go down there.  One of the
tunnels also runs off and meets up with the chambers underneath the palace where goods could be stored away from the
eyes of the custom officers.  The cave used to be opened on an annual basis but this seems to have stopped now over the
past decade, a great shame to the many visitors who wish to explore them once more.   
Rock Villa