This old well once served the people of Neston with a fresh and essential supply of drinking water.  
The exact age is unknown but it looks to be several century's old.  These type of primitive hand dug
wells had to be excavated with diameters wide enough to accommodate men with shovels who
would dig down to below the water table.

The well at Neston is lined with small stones; extending this lining into a wall around the well
presumably served to reduce both contamination and injuries by falling into the well.  The well
provided a cheap and low-tech solution to accessing groundwater in this rural location, with a high
degree of community participation.  The well at Neston was probably not suited to the hard ground
where it sits occupying a high position on the hill overlooking the area.  The construction of this well
would have been somewhat dangerous due to the possibility of collapsing soils, falling objects and
possible asphyxiation.  

There is no plaque on the well, no description and no clue of its former use other than the give away
of the street sign reading
"Well Lane". This is perhaps another place the council should be spending
some money to help preserve and enhance our heritage rather than ripping down historical buildings
and investing in spy cars.
Nestons Old Well
Nestons Old Well