Some years ago an interesting discovery was made in the upper floor of a barn in Leighton Hall
in Neston.  A small cube of stone had been set into the brick wall of the barn at floor level.  
The cube has edges 17cm long.  On one face is carved a
cross on four steps, and a rose is carved on
each of the two faces either side of it.  The remaining faces appear to be blank.  There is no way of
knowing why this object was put in such a place, however it maybe reasonable to link it with Bridget,
Lady Mostyn.  

If her husband disapproved of her religious affiliation, she may have had to practice her devotions in
secret or perhaps atleast in private.  It is therefore possible that this stone served as part of a
private oratory for
Lady Mostyn.  The rose on the faces can carrying a number of meanings including
the Virgin Mary and Secrecy.  

Several experts have been asked for their opinion on this stone but as yet, none have been able to
identify it.  It has been suggested that the stone may have come from another building such as an
abbey or religious house when it was dismantled in the time of
Henry the 8th.  

The owner of the stone, Mrs Lloyd, has generously agreed that it should be displayed in the restored
St Thomas church in Parkgate.  An oak display shelf, which holds the stone firmly in place, has been
made; and when the building restoration is complete it will be fastened to the wall.  
The Leighton Stone