Gayton Mill 1905
The ancient mill at Gayton is said to be the oldest tower windmill on the peninsula.  There is a huge
difference between this type of mill and the old peg mill which is that the upper section of the sails
rotate with the wind as apposed to the peg mill which meant that the whole structure had to be
turned by the miller to face the wind.  The mill today has been completely renovated into a modern
dwelling which is now privately owned.  The structure itself is built from fine red sandstone most
likely from Runcorn and at one time had four large sails over looking the small hamlet.  The mill
ceased to work in 1875 and by 1905 had lost all of its sails due to neglect.  The elements took its toll
on the old building and it was looking like the structure would have to be demolished by most others
in Wirral.  Luckily a local builder came to the rescue and heavily refurbished the mill restoring it to its
natural beauty but this time as a residential building.  The tower of the old mill is now connected to
what was once the old millers cottage which stood directly opposite to house his family.  Records
show that the miller was bringing up sixteen of his own children in the old cottage prior to the
building being closed.  
The Mill in 2007

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