Little is written about Claughton Manor House which was built c1830 by local benefactor Sir William
Jackson, with its pleasure gardens designed by the now famous Sir Joseph Paxton.  The old manor house
occupied a site between Egerton Road and Manor Hill directly in the centre of what is today St Seiriol Grove
today.  The old manor house appears on the Tithe map of 1836 - 1850, street maps of 1875 and 1910  
until it was pulled down in the mid 1930s.  I am currently looking for photographs of this old building.  The
maps below show the large manor house in the centre of the page at different ages 1836 - 2008.
The 1836 - 1850 Tithe map
1875 Map - Note all the trees around the area
1910 Map - Note trees cleared
2008 Street Map