St Aidans Theological College

St. Aidan's College was founded in 1846 by the Reverend Joseph Baylee, under the sanction of Bishop
Sumner of Chester.  The purpose of the building was to prepare men for the ministry of the Church of
England, being designed primarily for those who could not afford the time or expense of a university
education.  The building was built on land between Shrewsbury Road and Forest Road in the Claughton
area in 1856.  The large Tudor style building was built from red brick  faced with quality stone and stood in
its own 7 acre grounds complete with gardens, shrubbery's, lawns and groves.   

The centre of the building contained the lecture rooms where students would listen to their lecturers.  IN
addition there was a large library, hallway and dining area.  The part of the area known as the west wing
housed rooms for upto 50 students at its maximum capacity.  In 1882 the school was given its own chapel
for worship which was open to the public every Sunday.  Sadly as time went on the amount of interest in
the school declined and in 1969 the building was demolished.  Today the area is covered by modern
housing with no trace of the once great building to be shown.  
St Aidan's College 1863
St Aidan's College 1931
St Aidan's College 1914
St Aidan's College 1903
St Aidan's College 1906