Cross Hill - Thingwall
The Ping or Viking Parliament

There are two principal areas of the  settlement, the old village centre close to the Basset hound, and
the area around the windmill and quarry a little to the North near Pensby Road.  

There are few old buildings remaining, the most interesting being the old manor house standing to the
rear of the Basset hound car park.  This was formally known as barn farm, and its site suggests that it
was the oldest area of occupation here; with a village green to the north, later built over.

This village centre is actually in the centre of the township and many of the ancient roads, lanes, tracks
an d footpaths can still be seen to converge on this area.  

Cross Hill is the main feature of ancient Thingwall and today it is part of a field opposite the reservoir.  
The area of North Wirral granted to Ingimund and his followers had self governing status, and their
parliament or 'Thing' is said to have met at this place.  The tradition is very strong here , and together
with the pl,ace name evidence and the fact that Thingwall is geographically at the centre of the Viking
territory, the case is convincing.
The hill is a prominent mound with
terrace on the south side, but whether
this is a natural feature or a
modification to make the hill more
suitable for a meeting place is still not
understood at present.  A survey using
modern equipment needs to be carried
out here.  

The only known find of the approximate
period ids a coin of Hardicanute, dating
from around 1040ad.  There is no
record of a cross having stood here,
but as crosses were often used as
places of assembly, for example Hiring
Crosses, this may explain the name.  
There is a well close by which is said to be the oldest and most important in Thingwall, although it is
some distance from the old village centre, which had several wells.  It is possible that this well was the
focus of much earlier Celtic ritual and the tradition has associated with Cross Hill.  It is also possible
that there was ancient occupation here centred on this remote well.