During Rock Ferry's more wealthy period in the 19th century, a number of houses and villas were erected
by Merchants of the surrounding areas.  The following list shows the main properties and their owners:
Building Name                       Owner

Hawthorne House                  Nathanielle Hawthorne
Derby House                          T.W Oakshott (Mayor of Liverpool)
Stoneleigh                              J.B. Crow
Ravenswood                          J.Hargreaves
Parkview House                     A.R Patterson
Woodcote                              Mrs J. Paton
Larchwood                             T.B Hall
Inglewood                              Dr Robson
Dunraven                               Dr J.W Paton
The Hurst                               Mrs Anne Minton
Hillside                                   W.H Nicholson
The Lawn                               Mrs Baker
Westgarth                              C. Lancaster  
Woodburn                              D.W Allardice
Rock Ferry's Merchant Housing List