The remains of the old quay
at Neston can still be seen
jutting out into the marsh
lad that was once a thriving
river filled with maritime
activity.  The area was also
busy port before the River
Dee silted up and had a
two quays over time, for
the importation and
exportation of commercial
and industrial goods. It is
worth noting that at one
time the river Dee was and
Neston was the most
heavily populated area in
Wirral and had the Dee not
silted up, and should the
right investors came along,
Nestons may well have
replaced Liverpool.  The
port was then shifted
further downstream to the
nearby village of Parkgate
in an attempt to out
manoeuvre the silting,
although by early
nineteenth century most
vessels had transferred to
the Mersey and the docks
of Liverpool.

The large stones are still a
popular spot to visit for
those that know they are
there.  The quay sits
outside of the old colliery
and a plaque has been
placed highlighting the
spots history.