Much has been written about the Viking origin of many of the place names in the Wirral.   Perhaps the
most credible of these referring to Irby is the translation which means:

"The settlement of the Irish".  This refers to research that suggests that  Viking settlers around
Dublin were made to leave and were then granted land in the are of what is now Irby.  Names given to
locations around Irby also strengthen this boast.  For example Heskeths Fields, translated into Norse
means Horse Race Track.  It is a certainty that Hesketh field in Irby and Hesketh field in Thornton were
used as horse race tracks by the Norse settlers.

The area has an ancient history; in the last few years a probable Iron Age site oval enclosure has been
identified and a Roman site has been partially excavated in Mill Hill Road, revealing possible Iron Age
and Romano-British evidence as well as the Roman settlement.  More details of this can be found in the
Roman Section of this website.  Irby has always been a small village despite its rich history of different
inhabitants.  The village was formerly a township in the Woodchurch Parish, of the Wirral Hundred,
however now it falls under the boundary of Greasby. The population has always been low,  recoded as
96 in 1801, 180 in 1851 and 146 in 1901.

Irby has always been associated with Mills, the details of which can be found in the other sections. IN
addition Irby holds a splendid old hall with many endearing features.  One ominous building that still
alludes archaeologists today is the site of an old Leper Hospital hidden under the fields of Irby.  Take a
look at the photographs of Irby Village below or click the page below to continue.
Right: The Post Office 1941
Below: Thingwall Road 1940s
Above: Thingwall Road 1950s
Left: Thurstaston Road 1950s
                             Above: Irby Village 1930s                                                                                                                  Above: Irby Village 1930s  
Above: Irby Village 1950s
Left: Irby Village 1950s
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