Where is the wreck ?
Latitude: 34° 37’ 48,8” S
Longitude: 19° 18’ 10,9” E
A small number of artifacts have been recovered from the wreck of HMS Birkenhead including badges, coins and
personal belongings:
This painting shows how the HMS Birkenhead looked shortly after hitting the rock.
Danger Point
The photograph shows the plaque found at the light house at Danger Point.  By standing in front of the plaque as
shown in the picture, you can line up the groove in the plaque and look out to sea.  This shows exactly where the
HMS Birkenhead sank.
LEFT: The picture to the left shows the
plaque erected in memory of those who
lost their life on board the HMS Birkenhead
and to those who showed remarkable
courage in the face of adversity.  
The picture below shows a Schooner which
was the type of ship that assisted in the
rescue of some of the survivors from the
Elizabeth on the right.  Sadly it struck a rock now known as the Birkenhead Rock at Danger Point.