The original Frankby Hall was demolished centuries ago and no trace of the old building now remains.  
Historians have not been able to date the old hall as the site has now been built over by Frankby
Cemetery.  Given the age of the settlement I believe that it would most likely have been built in the mid
17th century.  

The current Old Hall is just a stones throw away and has managed to survive the centuries mainly due
to tender loving care.  The building has undergone much refurbishment work and today goes by the
name of
Yew Tree Farm.  

The owners of the manor during the 19th century was T.B
Royden who was an M.P of Liverpool.  Mr
Royden immediately took up Frankby Hall as a place of residence.  The house was described as being
built from dark stone in  about 1855 and constituted as a mansion due to its large size.