Thermopylae Pass

This is a large area of Woodland in the Noctorum area which holds dense amounts of foliage and
trees.  It was a place that many people spent their childhood, playing in the woodlands, exploring the
small crevices or climbing the tall oak trees.  The woods are known locally as 'Moppoly Paths' or in
some cases it, and mainly by the kids; it is called 'The Mops'.  The woods are one of many desolate
areas of Wirral which remain a keen walking spot, however inn recent years, certainly the 1970's;
more and more housing has encroached the local area losing its sense of wilderness.  

As you may well know the name of Thermopylae refers to the famous battle of the Persian wars  
between the Greeks states and the Persians in 480bc.  The Greeks led by Leonidas, held off the
Persians who were led by the famous Xerxes, for several days in a small pass before eventually
succumbing to a hail of devastating arrow fire.  

It is believed that the pass may have been created by Robert Vyner who owned most of the land in
that area.  The 1845 Tithe map shows the pass being named as 'Old Road' giving rise to the belief
that it was actually a thoroughfare at that time of his ownership.  In addition to this the woodland
was much more dense at that time and navigation would have been very difficult.