The Tobins of Liscard Hall had 3 daughters.  The first became Mrs James Cockshott and
remained locally; the second became Mrs Reddie the wife of the Governor of the Isle of Man.
The third daughter Margaret Tobin married a Merchant called Harold Littledale.  Mr Littledale
created the Model Farm in what is now Rullerton Road in Liscard village.  The farm was known
to be famous throughout the farming community and was described by Mortimer in 1847 as:

"The model farm of this Gentleman is unquestionably one of the greatest lions of the day, as is
proved by its being almost daily visited by everyone who takes an interest in agriculture.  No
expense has been spared ; and the whole arrangements have been made under one of the best
practical farmers of the day.  Mr Torr or Lincoln, the result has been, as might have been expected,
most satisfactory.  The farm consists of 440 acres of arable land, with the model buildings of
which the following is a sketch:

They consist of a neat picturesque house for the bailiff, a dairy, four cottages for the labourers,
stabling and cow sheds, rick yard and every other requisite convenience.  There are one hundred
stalls for cows, as well ventilated as Her Majesty's stables at Buckingham Palace, together with
the proper buildings for calves.  There are piggery's with Torrs patent troughs, one of the most
neatest and useful inventions ever made.  The dairy which is attached to the bailiffs house, is a
very neat building, the walls being hollow so as to exclude the heat in the summer; it contains a
marble fountain; which would put to shame those exquisite specimens of national taste recently
erected in Trafalgar square.  Among the farm offices are, a place for smoking hams, one for curing
bacon, a slaughter house, a smithy, compost sheds, and manure tanks; while a large pond feeds a
tank, which extends over the whole of one of the buildings, ans supplies horses and cattle with

Among some of the more modern inventions is a steam engine, which unlike many Jack of all
Trades, is really a master of all; for it thrashes the corn,divides the grain with the same operation
into three qualities, Nos 1,2 and 3; grinds the corn into flour, cuts dry and green food for the
cattle; conveys it to the steaming house; steams it, supplies a kiln for taking moisture out of
damp corn; crushes beans and oats, mixes food for the pigs and churns the butter !  If some of
our revered ancestors, the gentleman farmers of a hundred years ago, could rise from their
graves, and see the leviathan engine at work, doing the labour of some dozen hands by
machinery; they would indeed be scared out of their senses.  The buildings were erected by
Messrs Samuel & James Holme of Liverpool".
The Model Farm