Tranmere Water Tower

The Tranmere water tower used to stand on
the corner of Greenway Road & Stuart Road,
opposite the top of Tower Hill in Tranmere.  It
was built from sandstone on the base and was
very similar in appearance and design to that of
Prenton's tower.  The tower held an essential
life line to that of the surrounding village and
hamlets having been built early on during the
19th century.  

The height of the tower provided the
hydrostatic pressure for the water supply
system, and it may be supplemented with a
pump.  The volume of the reservoir and
diameter of the piping provided and sustained
flow rate.  However, relying on a pump to
provide pressure is expensive; to keep up with
varying demand, the pump would have to be
sized to meet peak demands.  During periods of
low demand, jockey pumps were used to meet
these lower water flow requirements.  

The water tower was demolished in the mid
twentieth century as park of an improvement
scheme at the Greenway road reservoir.  North
West water demolished the old tower and filled
in two of the disused reservoirs on the site.