Raby Mere is a large lake in the centre of the village of Raby.  The word mere refers to a lake that is
broad in relation to its depth.  The mere has been used for many centuries and was most likely the
reason for the founding of the original village.  

The mere was heavily used by the
Victorians for pleasure boats as can be seen in the picture
above.  Rowing boats were a common site at the turn of the 20th century, something which has died
out on todays mere.  

The mere is also the site of the old water mill which sat at the banks of the lake.  In later years the
old mill house was used as a tea rooms to help quench the thirst of the many visitors from the lake.
Rowing Boats on the Mere in 1907
Raby Mere 1940's
Raby Mere 2008
Raby Mere 1950's
Raby Mere 2008