Balcony House

The photograph shows Balcony House which
dates back to 1753.  The building was originally
built as two separate dwellings and had
separate families living in them.  In 1784 the
second building was added by means of an
extension to the rear of the property.  This
addition to the building was used as the
assembly room for the Parkgate area.

The Assembly rooms was generally used for
refreshments, low key events, billiards and
municipal works.  In 1883 the assembly rooms
was knocked through into the main house and
it became part of the building infront.  

During WW2 the large cellar of the building was
reinforced and used as an air raid shelter for
local families.  In 1995 the assembly rooms
became a separate property again and is now a
separate occupied dwelling.     

There are still may period features of this
building including the metal balcony c1868, sash
windows and slate roof.  It is certainly worth a
look if passing by.
The Old Assembly Rooms
Balcony House
Balcony House
The Old Assembly Rooms
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