Stonebark 2008
I am not too sure if the house is still named Stonebark as it seems to have undergone a major refurbishment recently and
the name appears to have been removed from the front gate.  The building which sits in Warren drive is an unusual one.  To
the average person it looks just like any other old bungalow in the area, however the buildings past is of great interest.

The building was initially built as a
shooting box for the early lords of the area (Earls of Derby) from which to hunt local
game.  The name
'Warren drive' derives from the term rabbit Warren, as it was at one time overrun with rabbits.  The
building is said to have walls which are several feet thick built from solid stone and a deep cellar which stretches out under
the dwelling.  The building provided such good protection that during World War 2, it was used as an air raid shelter for the
local populace.  In a further twist to the buildings history, the skeleton of a horse was discovered in the garden whilst
digging foundations for an extension in the late 20th century.  The building holds many mysteries of its past, the most
illusive being its age; this mystery nobody has determined.