Irby Hall

The above picture shows Irby Hall was built on the site of the ancient manor house of St Werburgh’
s Abbey, Chester. The building dated from the early 17th century. The present Irby Hall was
reconstructed in 1888, with the half-timbering on the ground floor being replaced with sandstone,
as we see here. The building looks much the same today, except for a row of old-fashioned street
lamps lining the left-hand edge of the drive.  Irby Hall is now used as a private dwelling but it was
once the home of the Glegg family who founded Caldy Grammar school in 1636.  The site is steeped
in tradition as the ancient Hundred of Wirral used to hold there courts here until there dissolution in
1535.  IN its prime the residence was surrounded by a large moat.  The remains of the moat can
still be found under close examination, except for the Eastern side as this now lies under Irby
Road.  The moat was not just cosmetic.  IN those days it would have been added protection to stop
or slow down marauding  bands of Welshman or local brigands.  The path that runs between the
Anchor Inn and Irby Hall was used by Mariners who left their vessels on the anchorage at
Dawpool.  Few people know that the moated site of Irby Hall is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.  

Many farms used to surround Irby Hall but over years as with many cases, they have been
demolished, changed beyond recognition or changed to a private dwelling.

The anchor Inn was originally known as Irby Farm.  It dates back to 1613 when it was owned and
maintained by the Ball Family.  Their initials are etched into the North end of the Gable.   The
inscription on the barn shows the date 1722 and another date stone over the East door reads
1731.  From this we can see how the building was extended and renovated with increasing wealth
& prosperity.  Other farms included Rookery Farm, Corner House Farm, and Manor Farm which was
built in 1640 from stone quarried at Irby.  The building was demolished in 1967 and the present day
Irby Library sits over the foundations.
Additional Photographs:
The Shippons 2007
The Shippons 2007
Irby Hall 2007
The Anchor Inn built 1722