Old Hall is one of Greasbys most well kept old buildings.  Situated on Greasby Road between The
Manor Inn and the Old Dairy it proudly stands set back from the road slightly.  The building is made
from magnificent red sand stone and many of the original features still survive mainly due to the care
of the past and present owners.  The house has several old mullion windows, the door is made from a
large oak which appears to be several inches thick with strong wrought irons bars embedded.  Above
the door is an old coat of arms which is still clearly visible, most likely due to care and restoration.  Old
stone seats surround the inside of the porch and two look out holes have been cast into the thick
walls.  The attic rooms are said to contain marvelous oak beams, the building has an immense fire
place which rises from the cellar right through the centre of the building and protrudes through the
roof.  I addition to all of this there is also a large old fireplace in the main room, pictures of which  am
currently trying to get hold of.  Greasby Old hall is believed to date back to the 15th century and has
had many famous owners over the years.  Roberts de Moston in 1432 is the earliest known owner,
right through to Sir Thomas Royden in 1928.  

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The Old Hall Front
The Old Dairy
The Old Hall Side
The Old Hall Stone
The Old Hall 1905
The Old Hall 1908
Map of Old Hall