Frank "Titch"Mason, was a prize winning
jockey.  He worked hard at his game making it
a life long career for him.  Over the years he
won many races, on many different horses;
climaxing in the Grand National in 1905.
With his prize money he helped build many of
the shops around Moreton Cross and he even
added the name plates of the horses he won
to the top of the buildings.  Frank was a pillar
of the community and always held Moreton in
high regard.  For many years he lived in a
house on Pasture Road just over the bridge
on the left hand side.  Frank named the house
"Kirkland" after his winning horse in 1905.  In
later life Franks health began to fail and he
moved further down Pasture road into a
bungalow on the right hand side.  His sons
lived near by, just off Hoylake Road.  My Great
Grandmother was said to be a friend of Frank
and his wife and I was told that tragedy
struck the family when one of his Franks sons
committed suicide at an early age.   
Frank "Titch"Mason
(1879 - 1959)
The jockey who has ridden the most winning horses during a season. The list below shows the
Champion Jockey and the number of winners for each year since 1900:

1901 - Frank Mason
1902 - Frank Mason
1904 - Frank Mason
1905 - Frank Mason
1906 - Frank Mason
1907 - Frank Mason

The 1905 Grand National
Jockey Frank 'Tich' Mason and "Kirkland" both finally won the Grand National in 1905 after several years
of coming very close, none closer that second place in 1904. The jockey born in Liverpool steered
"Kirkland" to a three-length victory with the pair finishing in the top four for the third year running. The
two began with odds of 6-1 and edged out another former winning jockey Percy Woodland riding
"Napper Tandy" to second place. "Buckaway II" finished third as a huge outsider with odds of 100-1
followed by "Ranunculus" in fourth.

The 1904 Grand National
Judas" finished second ridden by Robert Chadwick who would win a year later on "Jenkinstown" with
"Caubeen" ridden by 1905 winner Frank Tich' Mason.

The 1901 Grand National
Arthur Nightingall made it a three Grand National victories in 1901 when he rode "Grudon" to victory for
owner and trainer Bernard Bletsoe ahead of "Drumcree" who would win two years later. "Grudon"
began at 9-1 with "Drumcree" a 10-1 bet as the pair along with "Buffalo Bill" finished ahead of pre-race
5-1 favourite "Levanter" ridden by Frank Mason who would also win the National four years later.

The shops at the corner of upton road in Moreton, still have name plates between their top windows of
winning horses ridden by Frank Mason.