Hampstons Well

The small well located on the outskirts of the village has possibly served the iron age settlements at
Burton Point and the Anglo Saxon settlement of Burton since 900.  The earliest known written records
are dated 1602 / 03 in the manor court book where it is referred to as Patrick's well, located on one
side of conygreave bounded by the mill, Denna lane and the shore.  

There are frequent references in the records of the manor court concerning its upkeep.  The constables
of Burton were charged with cleaning the well each year and all able bodied men of Burton were
required to help under pain of a fine of six pence.  

The court also passed by laws raising funds for its maintenance from the villagers, to prohibit washing
clothes at the well, or turning well water out of its course.  By the 19th century it had become known as
Hampstons Well, after a family who had lived in Burton since the sixteenth century.  At the turn of the
20th century a pump had been installed on the well to help extract water by hand.  There are no
records of this pump only a couple of photographs have confirmed this, as the pump has long since

In later years the well became surplus to requirement and like many other fell into dilapidation.  The
overgrown remains of the well were restored in 1975 by Ellesemere Port Council as a tribute to the
memory of Councillor Horace Edgar Green who died on the 15th September 1973, ages 86 years.  He
had served the community faithfully and well as a councillor of Neston for twenty eight years  and was
chairman of the council from 1947 to 1948.  

Today the well is clearly marked on the road out of Burton and has plaques placed as a tourist
attraction.  Unfortunately there is little to see except the remains of a square well and extremely wet
and boggy ground around it.  It is certainly worth a visit if your in the village but i would go out of my
way to find it.  
Stones and Plaques at the road side
The remains of the well which we had to uncover by hand
Plaque 01
Plaque 02
Looking across the spring and boggy area
The small spring leading from the well
Visiting Hampstons Well

The well is located on Station Road in Burton.  As you are travelling along the road you will see two small stones by the road side
with small plaques within them.  You can pull your car into the lay-by and exit the vehicle to read  the plaques.  Then travel down
the steps and along the small steppingstones where you will find a small square shaped well hidden in the corner.  The well will
most likely be over grown and may require clearing up to get a good look.  Near by you can also see the spring and the directions
it travels off in.  
Hampstons Well c1900
The old stone steps leading down to the well