The Water Mill & Windmill c1870
A water mill was in existence at Bromborough Pool for centuries having been first mentioned in the
Doomsday book in the 11th century.  The mills was first used with a dam built specifically to divert water
from the river Dibbin.  The photograph below shows the red brick building which has been on the site since
1313 although would have been largely rebuilt over the centuries.  The tall chimney to the left of the
building is the energy house built c1835, the other buildings are the old tack house and the mill house
where the millers family resided.  Note how deep the pool was at that time by looking at the size of the
vessel outside the mill.       

In 1835 Fawcett and Preston converted the water mill to steam power by adding a steam engine to help
drive the mill without sufficient head of water.  In 1900 the sandstone mill house was converted into two
cottages and sold off privately.  In 1910 the construction of the Levers Railway Embankment caused
seriously problems to the flow of the water and by 1940 the mill had closed its doors for good.  Shortly
after it was demolished in 1949 making it the last water mill to be worked on the Wirral.  

Also in the background is the old
windmill which had also been in existence on the high ground of
Bromborough Pool since 1717.  The building became obsolete due to the addition of the water mills steam
engine and was demolished with gunpowder n 1878.
The Water Mill in 1900
Another photograph of where the Mill used to sit
The same area in 2008
The area where the Windmill used to sit on top of the Hill.
The interior of the Watermill c1900