The Birkenhead Flyover

The Birkenhead to Liverpool road tunnel was officially opened in 1935 and named the 'Queensway Tunnel'.  By the 1960s the
road system in and around the area was rapidly becoming over crowded due to the high number of tunnel users and the
close proximity of Birkenhead shopping precinct and town centre.  In 1964 a solution to the over crowding problem was drawn
up by the Birkenhead Corporation which handed forward a plan to provide free flowing traffic into the town centre by
segregating tunnel only traffic onto a unique roadway.  This was to be done by the creation of a system of viaducts and
underpasses which would relive local congestion in the area.  

The main work on the Birkenhead Flyover or "Tunnel Approach Scheme" commenced on the 16th March 1967.  The approach
was built using an elevated viaduct structure which consisted of many concrete girders, set in place; each approximately 12 to
18 foot in width respectively.  On top of these giant girder was set a concrete deck slab, finished with an asphalt deck,
expansion joints, a galvanised and painted crash barrier and drainage system.  All of this work was completed within just 28
months which allowed the opening of the tunnel approach on the 15th July 1969.  

The tunnel approach roadway is still used today and is certainly more busy than ever taking the heavy weight of commuters
heading over to Liverpool.  In more recent years a section of the roadway has been taking down now leaving a strange sight
of a roadway which stops in mid air but once formally spanned over the old Birkenhead Train Station which also disappeared
many years ago.  
The following photographs were taken by my friend who has worked on the docks for over 50 years:
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